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Selección Algas Costera
Costera Algae Selection. Kombu Royal - Laminaria Saccharina, Alga Dulce - Palmaria Palmata -Laminaria Laminaria Ochorleuca

Royal Kombu (Laminaria saccharina)
Delicious bright green algae, whose majesty is manifested both underwater (grows to 3 m) and the pan, as a companion to be delicious omelets, casseroles and side dishes. Very rich in minerals such as
Calcium, potassium, sodium and iodine.

Sweet Algae (Palmaria palmata)
Brown and crispy with a sweet and iodine to leave the sea becomes docile and tender canned directly consumed fresh vegetables, salads and fish. Rich in protein and minerals: magnesium, phosphorus, iodine and iron, well balanced in vitamins A, B, C.

Laminaria (Laminaria Ochorleuca)
Present in the deep inlets of the western Cantabrian culinary ancestral represents a section of our cuisine, delighting in stews and casseroles (ideal for chickpeas with cod). High in fiber and trace elements necessary for our body, is very low in calories

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